Our Story

Feline & Cj


As the years unfolded, Let's Stylize blossomed into a thriving enterprise, prompting a pivotal shift in 2016 to a collaborative business partnership. Cj, a vital ally whose shared commitment propels us to surpass the expectations of our clientele. United by a relentless passion, we forged ahead, nurturing dreams of a dedicated manufacturing venture.

In 2019, these aspirations took tangible form with the inception of FELINE. Born from resilience and a shared vision, FELINE emerged as a sister company poised to redefine the landscape, offering a diverse range of clothing categories while upholding and enhancing our commitment to exceptional quality and service.

Our journey, marked by challenges, including the formidable trials of the pandemic, stands as a testament to our resilience. With great excitement, we announce the milestone of FELINE, a testament to the enduring spirit that fuels our pursuit of excellence.

Brand Mission

Our mission is to go beyond fashion by providing clothes that inspire
women to explore personal styles and build confidence as they move
their best selves forward.

FELINE aspires to drive long-term loyalty with our clients, brand partners, and investors on a worldwide level.

Brand Vision

Our vision is to become a trusted brand that goes beyond fashion.

Brand Purpose

Our business is more than just providing clothing choices for every mood and personality; it's about making you feel good and making you believe that your best version is in your hands.

How you dress up says it all.